Best Methods Of Travel

A well-packed bag is one of the best ways to make traveling quite a bit more comfortable. If your luggage takes up less space, you can take a smaller bag which is especially useful if you’re flying and don’t want to check your luggage, or you can just leave room for anything you might buy on your trip.

The best methods of travel,  well it depends on your comfortableness. If you want to explore each and every inch of the desired location, then road trips are the best. But if you want to get to the destination as soon as possible then air travel is the most suitable option.

There are ways in which you can travel smarter, cheaper and more often:

  1. Know where the bargains are. You probably know some ways to watch for deals on airfare and hotels. Make sure you’re also on every possible list for printable coupons and discount codes by signing up for alerts from all your preferred airlines, hotels and rental car agencies and following them on Facebook and Twitter. Always update them when your home or email address changes. If you bid for deals on Priceline, give yourself a competitive edge by consulting BiddingforTravel or BetterBidding to find the lowest acceptable bids.
  2. 2. Be devilish. Apply that familiar expression “the devil is in the details” to your travel planning. Even as you’re hunting for big savings, don’t overlook the incidentals. They can add up to a lot of money at the end of a trip, especially an extended one. Choose hotels that include gratis such costly extras as breakfast, parking, and Wi-Fi. Don’t assume that the fitness or business center is free of charge and ask what’s included in the resort fee if you’re paying one. Sometimes you can get these perks simply by joining a loyalty program when you check in.
  3. 3. Exploit your flexibility. Chris McGinnis, the editor at Best Western’s, has been tracking travel trends for more than two decades. He says the ability to be adaptable is a boomer’s great strength when it comes to beating high prices. If your travel plans include perennially pricey destinations, try to go during slow periods, he says. “Take cruises in the fall or head to bucket list destinations like Disney, Prague or Tahiti during the ‘dead weeks’ just before and just after the Christmas and New Years’ rush.”

Even if you’re not at an elite level, tout your loyalty to any airline, hotel or rental car company — sometimes partnerships can lead to significant savings or a windfall of reward points that will save you money later. Remember money-saving rule No. 1: Never be afraid to ask. Of course, having plenty of time on your hands is only part of what it takes to get away.